The Aviator’s Wife/La femme de l’aviateur (1981/Éric Rohmer)

The Aviator's Wife

The aviator Christian (Mathieu Carrière) visits his ex-mistress Anne (Marie Rivière) in the morning, to tell her that their affair is over, because his wife is pregnant and will soon move to Paris. Anne’s new lover, François (Phillipe Marlaud), happens to see Christian and Anne when they leave her house, and thinks that their affair still continues. He tries to ask Anne for the truth, but she doesn’t talk to him. At a café François sees Christian and an unknown blonde woman (Haydée Caillot). As he is in a bad mood and doesn’t know what to do, he decides to follow the couple.


Phillipe Marlaud
Phillipe Marlaud (as François)

Coralie Clément, Marie Rivière
Coralie Clément (as Anne’s Colleague) and Marie Rivière (as Anne)

Lisa Hérédia
Lisa Hérédia (as Anne’s Friend)

Mary Stephen, Anne-Laure Meury, Neil Chan
Mary Stephen (as Female Tourist from Quebec), Anne-Laure Meury (as Lucie) and Neil Chan (as Male Tourist from L.A.)

Rosette (as Concierge)

Fabrice Luchini, Marie Rivière
Fabrice Luchini (as Mercillat) and Marie Rivière (as Anne)

Mathieu Carrière, Haydée Caillot
Mathieu Carrière (as Christian) and Haydée Caillot (as Blonde)


Phillipe Marlaud as François (Age 20)
Marie Rivière as Anne (Age 25)
Anne-Laure Meury as Lucie (Age 15)
Mathieu Carrière as Christian (Anne’s ex love interest)
Haydée Caillot as Blonde
Philippe Caroit as François’ Friend
Coralie Clément as Anne’s Colleague
Lisa Hérédia as Anne’s Friend
Mary Stephen as Female Tourist from Quebec
Neil Chan as Male Tourist from L.A.
Rosette as Concierge
Fabrice Luchini as Mercillat


Director: Éric Rohmer
Screenplay: Éric Rohmer
Producer: Margaret Ménégoz
Cinematography: Bernard Lutic
Editor: Cécile Decugis
Music: Georges Prat

Basic Info

Original title: La femme de l’aviateur
English title: The Aviator’s Wife
Production company: Les Films du Losange
Distributor: Cine Saison (Japan)
Release date: 4 Mar 1981 (France), 2 Mar 1996 (Japan)
Running time: 104 minutes
Country: France
Budget: –
Box office: $835,000

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