Boyfriends and Girlfriends(1987/Éric Rohmer)

L'Ami de mon amie, Eric Rohmer

Middle-class Parisian suburbs: Blanche (Emmanuelle Chaulet) and Lea (Sophie Renoir), office worker and student, meet and become friends. Lea is going out with Fabien (Eric Viellard), but is thinking of leaving him. Blanche falls for Lea’s handsome and witty friend Alexandre (François-Eric Gendron), but is tongue-tied whenever she meets him. Lea goes on holiday and Blanche, still smitten with the dashing Alexandre, begins to get know Fabien.


Anne-Laure Meury
Anne-Laure Meury (as Adrienne)

Emmanuelle Chaulet, Eric Viellard
Emmanuelle Chaulet (as Blanche) and Eric Viellard (as Fabien)

François-Eric Gendron, Sophie Renoir
François-Eric Gendron (as Alexandre) and Sophie Renoir (as Léa)


Emmanuelle Chaulet as Blanche (Age 24, Municipal office worker)
Sophie Renoir as Léa (Age 22, Student)
Eric Viellard as Fabien (Léa’s boyfriend)
François-Eric Gendron as Alexandre (Fabien’s friend, Electric company worker)
Anne-Laure Meury as Adrienne (Alexandre’s girlfriend, Student of Ecole Nationale D’art)


Director: Éric Rohmer [Eric Rohmer]
Screenplay: Éric Rohmer [Eric Rohmer]
Producer: Margaret Ménégoz
Cinematography: Bernard Lutic
Editor: María Luisa García
Music: Jean-Louis Valéro

Basic Info

Original title: L’Ami de mon amie
English title: Boyfriends and Girlfriends (aka. My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend)
Production company: Les Films du Losange, Investimage
Distributor: Orion Classics (USA)
Release date: 26 Aug 1987 (France), 9 Jul 1988 (Japan)
Running time: 103 minutes
Country: France

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